Autistic Female Presentation

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Welcome to the online training course that explore the autistic female presentation. Autistic individuals that present with the female presentation (*not just for females) are more likely to experience later identification and delays in formal diagnosis.

By completing this online course, which has been co developed with autistic people, family members and clincians, you will develop an understanding of;

  • What we mean by the autistic female presentation.
  • How to identify and assess the autistic female presentation.
  • What is meant by camouflaging and the 3 core different camouflaging strategies often used by autistic individuals.
  • How to support an autistic individual to unmask.
  • How to be neurodivergent affirming.

Once you have successfully completed this course, you will be issued with a certificate to evidence your continued professional development.

Many thanks to the team at Autism Oxford UK Limited, for their support in co developing this e-learning course.