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The Information Governance e-learning course is designed for nurses and allied health care professionals in the UK, providing comprehensive knowledge and understanding of key concepts related to information management in healthcare settings. The course comprises nine modules covering various aspects of Information Governance, including data protection, patient consent, electronic records, and more. Below is a summary of each module:

Module 1: Overview of Information Governance- This module introduces the importance of Information Governance in healthcare settings. It emphasises the safeguarding of patient information and outlines the roles and responsibilities of nurses and allied health care professionals in maintaining Information Governance. Learners gain insight into the key principles and objectives of Information Governance.

Module 2: Information Security- Module 2 focuses on information security and its significance in healthcare. Learners explore common threats and risks to information security and gain insights into best practices for safeguarding sensitive information. The module also covers proper handling of electronic devices and data protection.

Module 3: Patient Consent & Confidentiality- This module highlights the importance of patient consent in healthcare information management. Learners gain an understanding of the legal and ethical considerations related to patient confidentiality. The module also covers the handling of sensitive patient information and relevant regulations.

Module 4: Caldicott Report- Module 4 provides an overview of the Caldicott Report and its impact on Information Governance in healthcare. Learners gain an understanding of the Caldicott Principles and their application in healthcare settings. Case studies are used to illustrate the importance of adhering to Caldicott guidelines.

Module 5: Data Protection- This module introduces learners to data protection laws and regulations in healthcare. It covers how to handle personal data securely and responsibly. Learners also explore data protection rights of patients and the implications for healthcare professionals. The role of the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) is also discussed.

Module 6: Freedom of Information- Module 6 focuses on the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and its relevance to healthcare. Learners gain an understanding of the processes and procedures for handling FOIA requests. Balancing patient confidentiality with the obligation to disclose information is also explored.

Module 7: Requesting Information and Disclosures- Module 7 provides guidelines for requesting patient information from other healthcare providers. Learners gain insights into the legal and ethical considerations when disclosing patient information to authorized parties. The module emphasizes ensuring accuracy and completeness of disclosed information.

Module 8: Patient Records- Module 8 emphasises the importance of accurate and up-to-date patient records. Learners explore best practices for maintaining patient records and learn about the legal requirements and potential consequences of improper record-keeping.

Module 9: Electronic Records- In the final module, learners gain an understanding of Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Electronic Medical Records (EMR). The module covers the benefits and challenges of using electronic records in healthcare settings and provides guidelines for safeguarding electronic records against cyber threats.

Assessment and Certification: Upon completing the course, learners are assessed through a final quiz that tests their understanding of the course material. Successful completion leads to the issuance of a certificate, acknowledging their dedication to professional development and commitment to upholding Information Governance standards in healthcare.

Overall, the Information Governance e-learning course equips nurses and allied health care professionals with the essential knowledge and skills to ensure the secure and ethical management of patient information, enhancing the quality and safety of healthcare services in the UK.

Course Content

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Module 1: Overview of Information Governance in Healthcare
Module 2: Information Security in Healthcare
Module 3: Patient Consent & Confidentiality in Healthcare
Module 4: Caldicott Report and its Impact on Information Governance
Module 5: Data Protection in Healthcare
Module 6: Freedom of Information (FOI) in Healthcare
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