Introduction to Autism

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Welcome to the “Introduction to Autism” course. We will provide an overview of autism, its prevalence in the UK, and dispel common misconceptions. By the end of this course, you will have a clearer understanding of what autism is and what it is not. 

This introductory course is designed for individuals wanting to understand more about being autistic. It is suitable for anyone who supports autistic children, young people, and adults, across various settings. It explores what autism is, and looks at the concepts of neurodivergence, as well as addressing some common myths. 

You will gain insights from autistic people themselves about living in a neurotypical world, as well as from clinicians about the diagnostic process and reasonable adjustments we should be making to health, education and care, to support autistic people to thrive.  

With thanks to the team at Autism Oxford UK Limited in supporting the co development of this course.